Gauteng company offers a helping hand to businesses ravaged by looting

Bakkie Help

Elmon Tshikhudo

Hendrick Phaswana knows what it is like to rebuild a failed business from the ground up – and that is why he is helping local businessmen in Midrand in Gauteng to get back on their feet following the looting.

Hendrick, who hails from Bennde Mutale outside Musina in Limpopo, has started a project that revives businesses that were badly affected by the recent lootings and burnings. 

The project assists those affected with cleaning, food, drinks and masks for those helping in the mop up operations. His bakkies are also ferrying those involved in the cleaning to different areas for assistance and he is doing it all free of charge.

The project is being conducted by Hendrick’s business, the Nyandano Group, which includes a security company and a construction and electrical business with services free of charge.

“I know how it feels to start a business and set it up from scratch. I have been there and I know the pain many of the emerging businesses are feeling,” said Hendrick.

“Most of them are not even insured and they can’t access loans to start again. This is where we come in.”

A few years ago, Hendrick had everything going for him but before he knew where he was, he lost his businesses along with his posh apartments and cars. And he also lost his marriage.

Fortunately his new wife Wanga Mmbi helped him to get back on his feet when she took out a loan and soon his new businesses were flourishing.

Hendrick said he learned this from his wife who picked him up and taught him to give and be charitable.

“I am where I am today because of this philosophy and I am doing this to give back to the community,” he said.

Hendrick is not new to helping the less fortunate. Between him and his wife they often help the homeless with bread and soup and he also helps schools in his home village by donating sanitary pads.