Fuelled you! Donald works as a petrol attendant

By Rorisang Modiba

Fans who saw Afro-soul musician Donald Moatshe working as a petrol station attendant recently wondered whether he had quit his music career.

A blog post even suggested this career shift, but Donald quickly explained the situation on Instagram.

The singer said that he decided to experience life as a petrol attendant for a day to appreciate the hard work of others.

He shared that he met a man named Sam at an Engen Garage on Empire Road, who agreed to let him try the job.

Donald said he was grateful to Sam, calling him an unsung hero working hard for his family.

“We chatted for a bit, and a thought came to my mind: how would it be to be in his shoes as a petrol attendant for one day? I asked him, and he said YES without any hesitation.

“@CasswellP pulled up with his V-Class Merc, and I had to get to work. A big shoutout to Sam for being an unsung hero, a young man working hard for his family,” Donald posted on Instagram.

An X user explained it was all part of a music video.

“To those who are confused, here’s the music video,” the user commented, sharing a snippet of Donald’s latest offering.

Pictured above: Donald Moatshe.

Source: Instagram


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