Forced to choose between hunger and Covid

Everson Luhanga

Part 4 of 4

When the country went into lockdown, Godfrey says he followed government Covid-19 regulations.

But then, hunger struck. He ran out of food and he had to go out and hustle for food.

Godfrey then contracted the virus, and was told  to stay home. “Although I knew I tested positive, I still had to go out to look for jobs.

“I had nothing to eat in my room and I couldn’t stay in my room any longer,” he said.

Godfrey, who is originally from Tanzania, says that since lockdown:

•          I have not been working as a handyman

•          People don’t invite strangers into their homes even if they have a problem

•          Because I am a foreigner, I didn’t qualify for any government food parcels

•          I lived by asking for food from different people 

•          I think that’s how I contracted the virus, by going around looking for food

Godfrey said he stays with his countrymen in a block of flats. 

Most of his friends don’t believe there is a virus killing people. “My friends make jokes about the virus. 

They only wear face masks when they go into shops as it’s compulsory to wear them. “The virus will kill many people in this town as most of the people I meet have no clue how deadly this virus is,” he said.

“I know one day it will be near and dear,” he said.

Godfrey did not want his photo taken because he feared being attacked.