Filthy stink stops kids going to school 

By Buziwe Nocuze

Learners at Kuyasa Primary School in Khayelitsha, Cape Town haven’t attended school since Friday because of a blocked drain.

Siyolise Funani, a parent of one of the pupils, doesn’t understand why the provincial education department is taking so long to fix the problem.

“Last week my daughter came home dirty and smelling of human waste. I asked what happened and she told me about the drain at the school and that other learners were throwing the dirty water at her,” said Siyolise.

“We were surprised to see human waste scattered all over the premises, including in the classrooms. We asked the principal why she is keeping our kids in such an unhealthy place.”

Siyolise said the principal had reported the matter to the department but hadn’t received a response yet. She decided to send the kids home following parents’ complaints.

“On Sunday, the principal called a meeting informing us the problem hasn’t been fixed,” said Siyolise.

“She asked what she should do because she doesn’t have the right to stop learners from attending school.”

The parents decided that their children wouldn’t go to school until the problem was solved.

Kerry Mauchline, a spokesperson for the Western Cape Education Department, said sewage from outside the school spilt over into the school grounds, and that workers cleared the spillage on Wednesday.

“The school permitted learners to remain home on Tuesday, while the school was being sanitised,” she said.

“The school was safe for learners to return on Thursday and our department will be engaging with the School Governing Body and the City to find a long-term solution.”

She said the group preventing access to the school was doing so illegally and had been reported to the police.

“Illegally preventing learners from accessing their constitutional right to basic education is unacceptable,” said Mauchline.

Pictured above: Kuyasa Primary School learners haven’t been attending school since Friday because of a blocked drain.

Image source: Buziwe Nocuze


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