Kabelo Tlhabanelo

Dineo Maloko said her sister, Maleshoane Mohapi, was supposed to be buried on Wednesday, but the funeral parlour supplied a boy’s body – dressed in her late sister’s clothes.

The family had prepared food for the funeral. But The Will Funerals had lost the body of their mum who had died on 9 February in hospital. 

“What angered me more was the fact that this strange body was wearing my sister’s clothes,” Dineo told Scrolla.Africa.

“We immediately told them it was not Maleshoane and they took the body back to the parlour.”

She said her sister’s body could not be found at the parlour. 

“They arrived at about midnight and said they had found my sister’s body but refused to say where. I suspect my sister had been buried by another family and she was taken out of the grave.”

Maleshoane’s daughter, Granny, said she was also saddened by what had happened. 

Manager Keke Mabule told the family he didn’t know where the body was found. 

“But I will be investigating and checking the CCTV footage,” he said. 

“I am prepared to help the family with a casket, tombstone and a sheep to apologise.”

The angry family said they also needed to do a cleansing at the house with another sheep because of the strange dead body that spent time there to which Mabule agreed.

When Scrolla.Africa confronted Mabule for more questions he declined to comment to the media. 

The funeral was postponed to Thursday at 10am. 

When Scrolla.Africa arrived at the family home, the pastor was still waiting for the hearse to bring the coffin into the tent inside the family’s yard.