Fake news! Cape schools not closed because of weather

By Buziwe Nocuze

The Western Cape Education Department has asked communities to stop spreading false news after social media posts claiming schools were closed kept many students from attending school on the new term’s opening day.

The posts claimed that all schools in the province were closed because of heavy rains.

The province’s education department spokesperson, Bronagh Hammond, said South African Weather Service alerts did not mean schools must close and appealed to communities to stop spreading false information on social media.

Only five of the over 1,550 schools were closed due to flooding, inaccessibility, or damage to buildings.

“It was a wet and cold start to the school term with teaching and learning resuming at the majority of our schools, barring five schools, which were officially closed,” said Hammond.

“Parents are to please address any queries with their schools directly or visit the education department media page for updates,” Hammond said.

Nosiphiwo Mqulwana, a 39-year-old parent, did not send her kids to school after seeing the false social media post.

“I feel so stupid for believing what was said on social media. I believed the posts and told my kids to sleep. I should’ve contacted the school to confirm the news,” said Mqulwana.

Pictured above: The bad weather in Cape Town. 

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