Egyptian court calls for execution to be broadcast live

Kamogelo Olaitan

An Egyptian court is asking for the live television broadcast of the hanging of a convicted killer.

Mohamed Adel was found guilty of stabbing a fellow student to death when she turned down his marriage proposal.

The court claims this will stop similar crimes from happening in future.

In a letter to Parliament, the court wrote: “The broadcast, even if only part at the start of proceedings, could achieve the goal of deterrence, which was not achieved by broadcasting the sentencing itself.”

The 21-year-old Adel from Mansoura city in Egypt was found guilty of murdering Naira Ashraf on 20 June.

According to local media Adel stalked Naira for some time and attacked her outside the university after she got off the bus.

Naira was stabbed in the neck and chest and she died at the scene.

In a video, Adel can be seen holding a knife standing over Naira. He was apprehended by the community.

He was sentenced to death on 6 July after a two day trial.

Adel’s lawyer has appealed the death sentence.

The country last broadcast an execution in Cairo in 1998 after three men were found guilty of murdering a woman and her two children in their home.

Image source: Ahram online


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