Eastern Cape village mourns passing of world’s oldest man

The village of Adelaide, in the Eastern Cape, is mourning the death of its oldest resident – 116-year-old Fredie Blom.

International news reports say Blom was unofficially the oldest man in the world. 

AFP reports that Blom lost his entire family to the Spanish flu, along with over 500,000 South Africans and 50 million people worldwide. He was hardly ever sick and always working.

But he survived Covid-19, and died of natural causes.

Family spokesperson Andre Naidoo said:

“Two weeks ago oupa (grandfather) was still chopping wood.

“He was a strong man, full of pride.”

Born on 8 May 1904, Blom died at Tygerberg hospital in Cape Town.

The centenarian is survived by his 86-year-old wife Jeanette.

The video (Twitter – @EarlCraig06) is of Blom’s 114th birthday. 

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