“Doctor Sangoma” mixes medicine with muti

Everson Luhanga

He studied medicine in Cuba for seven years to become a doctor.

Then he came back to South Africa and spent 14 months training to become a sangoma.

Now, Mkhulu Seanego is a professional medical doctor at the Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital in Johannesburg – and he consults clients at his indumba in Soshanguve,Tshwane.

Known to both his patients and his clients as “Dr Sangoma”, Mkhulu said he was born with the gift of prophecy which his family have known about since he was eight years old. 

“My gift for prophecy shows me things that will happen in the near future,” he told Scrolla.Africa at his indumba.

“When I was at university, I told people’s secrets and things happening in their families. Many people didn’t like being around me because of that.”


Dr Sangoma was born into a family of nine siblings. 

“My siblings dropped out of school because my mother, a domestic worker, and my dad who was unemployed, couldn’t afford to pay for our education,” he said.

“But fortunately one of the teachers adopted me and helped me get a bursary to study medicine in Cuba so I escaped being a dropout.”

He said his two careers as a doctor and a sangoma combine well. 

“Before I leave the house to go to work as a doctor, I speak to my ancestors to guide me through the day,” he said.

“I tell my ancestors I will be conducting an operation on people who could be breadwinners and I need them to help me to perform a successful operation.”

He said he first didn’t want to be a sangoma. 

“But after all the signs that showed me my ancestors wanted me to fulfil what they wanted me to do, which is healing people, I had to accept.

“I was born to heal,” he said.

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