D-Day for Jacob Zuma in ConCourt

Jacob Zuma Court

Dylan Bettencourt

“Judgement on Tuesday, 29 June at 10am. Is former president Jacob Zuma guilty of contempt of court and, if so, what is the appropriate sanction?”

These are the words from the Constitutional Court official Twitter page.

This judgement follows Zuma’s refusal to honour his court summons in January after the ConCourt ruled that he must appear before the Commission of Inquiry into his State Capture in order to answer questions.

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo said three months ago that Zuma’s failure to honour a summons should result in the 79-year-old Zuma being arrested and sent to jail for two years. 

Zuma was due to appear before the commission from 15 to 19 February but a letter from his lawyers stated he would not make an appearance saying the former president was still awaiting a verdict from his Pretoria High Court application that challenged the tenure of Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo.

A long-standing battle between South Africa’s legal authorities and Jacob Zuma will continue as the nation awaits the ConCourt’s ruling. 

The Gauteng High Court has also given the Commission another three months to complete its three-year-long investigation into state capture.

The ruling was made by Judge Selby Baqwa on Monday who said he found that the Commission’s work was in the public interest. 

Attendance at the ruling is limited to 20 people which includes the media.

Image source: @eNCA