Croc turns up at Zim hospital outside visiting hours

Joseph Chirume

They call Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa the crocodile but it was a different member of the species that barged into a hospital in Zimbabwe on Monday.

Patients at Chiredzi General Hospital were stunned when a giant crocodile appeared in the corridor.

The crocodile was filmed in a video that has gone viral. He is seen moving into a ward while astonished voices debate what to do about him.

A man’s voice is heard saying: “A crocodile has power while in the water. Even if you come closer (when it is on dry land) it will do you no harm.” No one wanted to test this theory.

Zimbabwe has one of the worst health infrastructures and poorest hospital services in Southern Africa after years of neglect and corruption.

Chiredzi is a world class sugar producing town and has numerous waterways created to irrigate the sweet plant – perfect conditions for a croc.

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Sobaa Ncube, a resident of Chiredzi, said: “There’s a sewer trail which leads to Chiredzi River and when it rains, crocodiles are seen around because they follow that stream.”

One man, Talent Tawengwa, said jokingly: “Its owner is in that hospital so it came to see him.”

Leo Dzingai added: “It wanted to be treated for Covid-19.”

Picture source: @CrocodileDaily

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