Crisis? What crisis? says Mnangagwa

Even as photos and videos of human rights abuses in Zimbabwe flooded the media and social media, Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa insists there is no crisis in Zimbabwe.

This is what he told President Cyril Ramaphosa’s envoys to Zimbabwe, former safety and security minister Sydney Mufamadi and former speaker of parliament Baleka Mbete.

To prove it’s business as usual, Mnangagwa is making a big thing about the commemoration of the 40th National Heroes Day.

“As we commemorate our 40th National Heroes Day, we pay tribute to our heroes who paid the supreme sacrifice for the liberation of our country, and draw inspiration from their resilience and commitment,” he posted on Twitter.

Meanwhile, opposition parties have expressed disappointment after the South African delegation met only with Mnangagwa and not with opposition parties or civil society groups.

After the Mnangagwa meeting, Mufamadi refused to divulge details of the meeting:

“We can’t tell our president what was discussed through the media. We will brief him and he will then make it public.”

Critics of this round of talks said they were doomed to fail when ANC secretary general Ace Magashule rubbed ZANU-PF up the wrong way when he told the news broadcaster eNCA that the brutality in Zimbabwe was unnecessary.

“We said Black Lives Matter. Lives of human beings matter. Zimbabwean lives matter of course. What we see on television there, we say is uncalled for,” Magashule said.