COPE manifesto declares war on criminals 

By Doreen Mokgolo

President of COPE (Congress of the People), Mosiuoa Lekota, has urged South Africans to trust them with their vote in their campaign to fight illegal immigrant criminals head-on. 

Lekota said: “if you are a criminal, you are an enemy of the people of South Africa and we are entitled to defend ourselves. We have a right to do so; anyone who kills the people of South Africa will be met with resistance. We will eliminate you.”

He was speaking during the party’s 2024 election manifesto meant to garner support leading to the upcoming elections set for 29 May. The manifesto was launched in Stinkwater, Hammanskraal on Saturday. 

The founding president of COPE said his party is ready to lead South Africans in the fight against crime. 

“The people of South Africa must defend themselves with equal force; unlike under the apartheid system, we are not going to reintroduce forced conscription but voluntary military conscription.

“If there are people coming into the country armed with weapons with the intention to kill our people, we will respond with force.

“We will train and arm the children of this country to defend themselves against those who come here to kill and slaughter our people,” he said.  

Lekota cautioned voters to be careful who they vote for. “When you vote, you must not elect men and women with BMWs; they may have stolen money from government coffers to buy that BMW. 

“Through his findings Judge Raymond Zondo revealed a trail of leaders who stole from the government, yet the same criminals are still in Parliament. 

“When you are asked to vote, you are expected to vote for men and women you trust. In Hammanskraal, there is no water and people are dying of cholera. 

“What happened to the money allocated for water, roads and other services in this area? It was looted by the people you elected to lead you, but you have the power to change this,” he said.

Picture above: COPE President Mosiuoa Lekota. 

Image source: Doreen Mokgolo


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