Mkhuseli Sizani

Angry residents of Bersheba, near Kirkwood in the Eastern Cape have shut down their township after three Anti-Crime Forum members were allegedly stabbed by tik addicts.

The community has blocked roads with burning tyres and rocks, demanding police take action to arrest the addicts from the nearby Enon location.

The tik addicts have become a huge problem – robbing, and stealing from residents. The local Anti-Crime Forum says their group has also been targeted. 

Mzimkhulu Nogampula, a member of the forum from Bersheba, told Scrolla.Africa that one of the forum members was attacked after he went to Enon. 

Eight of the community members then went to find out why he was assaulted.

“As we got into that area about 10 of these gang members attacked us with knives. I was stabbed five times, on my head, arm, back and leg. 

“My other colleague is still in hospital and the third one was stabbed once in the back.

“We called the police several times to come and rescue us but they never arrived.”

Another victim, Pieter Maarman said: “This problem started three weeks ago when we raided thieves who have been terrorising us for a long time. We recovered some of the stolen goods. 

“We decided to do these raids ourselves because police don’t come when we call them.”

Enon resident Gary Booysen said: “Every night I sleep at different places.”

Police spokesperson Sergeant Majola Nkohli said “we couldn’t arrest the suspects because two of the victims have not opened the cases. 

“One of the victims is still in hospital and we cannot visit him due to Covid-19 regulations.

So far one case of assault to cause grievous body harm has been opened, Nkholi said, adding that “two of our vehicles were pelted with stones”.


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