Cattle boat causes a big stink in Cape Town

By Buziwe Nocuze

Cape Town residents woke up to a disgusting stench on Sunday morning. The foul smell came from a ship in the harbour that was transporting 19,000 cattle from Brazil to Iran. 

Resident Siyolise Tengwa noticed the smell as she arrived in town and thought that maybe she had stepped on something.

“My colleague told me that the smell that was also in my workplace was coming from the harbour,” said Siyolise.

Another resident, speaking anonymously, said he wasn’t bothered by the smell.

“I feel sorry for those experiencing that for the first time. Sometimes we can’t even smell the food we cook because of the strong smell coming from the blocked drains,” he said.

The NSPCA, whose inspectors boarded the ship, said: “This smell is indicative of the awful conditions the animals endure, having already spent two and a half weeks on board, with a build-up of faeces and ammonia. The stench onboard is unimaginable, yet the animals face this every single day.”

Siphosethu Dyalivani from Dunoon said he was the only one among his colleagues who managed to eat lunch at his work.

“For me it was nothing. I opened my lunch as always because I jump over human waste every day in my area. At first, we couldn’t eat or open windows but we ended up getting used to it,” said Siphosethu.

His only concern is the possibility of a disease outbreak. 

“Why was it allowed to come into the port in such a mess? Don’t we have anyone checking a ship when it arrives? It was supposed to be sent back. What if we caught some kind of disease by inhaling that smell?” 

The city’s MMC for Community Service and Health, Patricia van der Ross, said: “We condemn the horrific conditions which have been uncovered aboard the Al Kuwait ship following the SPCA obtaining a court order for officials to inspect the ship.”

The city has called on the Ports Authority and Border Management Authority to monitor any unlawful discharges of waste from the ship into the harbour.

Pictured above: A terrible smell enveloped Cape Town after a ship transporting 19,000 cattle from Brazil to Iran docked in the city.

Image source: Supplied


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