Brother stands by Killer Cop

Everson Luhanga

From the original Killsurance series, published in October 2020.

Part 7 of 9

“She always looked after us.”

The brother of murder-accused Sergeant Rosemary Ndlovu is standing by her and wants her out of jail. 

Rosemary’s brother, Director Ndlovu, is supporting his sister even though many of his relatives have allegedly been on her hit list for funeral cash.

He says his sister should be freed because she is the breadwinner for her remaining family members.

Rosemary was arrested in March 2018. She’s accused of murdering five people:

  • Witness Madaka Homu, a cousin, in April 2012 
  • Audrey Somisa Ndlovu, a sister, in June 2013
  • Yingwani Maurice Mabasa, her boyfriend, in October 2015
  • Brilliant Mashego, a nephew, in January 2016
  • Zanele Motha, a niece, in June 2016

Rosemary allegedly cashed out R1.38 million in funeral-policy claims after ordering their deaths. She also allegedly plotted to kill at least eight other people, in addition to two policemen.

When asked if Rosemary poses a danger to him and the family, Director told Scrolla.Africa in an interview that his sister is “loving and caring”.

Director says the alleged killer being portrayed in court is not the Rosemary he knows. “She has not shown us any signs of violence at home. She always looked after everyone in the family.”

“I know about the allegations. But they are just allegations and they need to be tested and proven by a court of law,” he said.

Director says other family members are standing by her and want her out of custody. Several of them have been in court when Rosemary unsuccessfully tried to get bail. The court has refused her bail several times. 

As Rosemary’s trial has progressed, some of her family members have stopped turning up in court.

Meanwhile, according to the police statement opposing her bail, Rosemary also targeted another sister, Nomsanto.

Rosemary allegedly offered hitmen a R3,000 deposit and R15,000 to finish the “job”, driving with the hitmen to her sister’s house so they could identify her. After giving the assassins an extra R800 petrol money, “she kept on contacting them and requesting them to kill Nomsanto, but never gave them the money. Later on, the hitmen were informed that the applicant’s sister was killed.

Image source: Twitter

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