Brave women make a meal of would-be rapist

Everson Luhanga

Kholofelo Makena and her aunt were asleep when a knife-wielding man broke into their house and ordered Kholofelo to undress because he wanted to have sex with her.

But the would-be rapist got more than he bargained for.

The courageous women used kitchen utensils to fight back and overpower him.

Kholofelo said when she first heard footsteps in the house in the Winnie Mandela Section in Tembisa, she thought it could be a family member.

But the man came straight to her bedroom and told her to undress.

“He whispered and said he had a surprise for me. That was when I realised there was trouble and I screamed for help,” she said.

“I managed to grab his knife-hand and repeatedly smashed it against the wall until the knife fell on my bed.” 

She screamed for help and her aunt came in from the next room. 

“My aunt brought a wooden cooking stick and a bucket. She used the stick and I used the bucket. We beat him up as we screamed for help,” she said.

“He tried to escape but we held him down until people in the yard heard us and came to our rescue. They continued beating him up.”

She said it is hard to sleep in the house now as every noise she hears brings fresh memories of the footsteps she heard on the night the man broke into her house.

“I’m still traumatised. I haven’t experienced such an incident in my life,” she said.

Kholofelo said after the neighbours had come to help they continued to assault the rapist until he was handed over to the crime prevention street committee. 

“They dealt with him and took him to the police station,” she said.