Bonang accused of being a bully

Dylan Bettencourt

Producer of Being Bonang, Legend Manqele has rejected Bonang’s comments that the final season of her show will not be aired because he owes her money.

“I have been quiet about this for too long,” said Manqele, who is the CEO of the production company BarLeader.

“I don’t owe Bonang anything. Seeing her tweets about me owing her money is not only bullying, but also incorrect information.” 

He said the show will not be aired due to its poor quality. 

On 19 April Bonang told Scrolla.Africa that the ratings are unmatched by any reality TV show in the country. 

Bonang claimed that BarLeader owed her money and this was the reason the third and final season of her show was not aired. 

Manqele said he was there for Bonang through all the ups and downs of shooting the show.

“Seeing her tweets about me really triggered me. I can’t understand why she is sharing lies about me.”

Bonang refused to say whether Being Bonang will be aired if the alleged debts of the production company are paid.

Picture source: @Bonang_m

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