“Black” professor admits she is white

A white American professor has admitted that she has been pretending to be Black for years.

Jessica Krug, who teaches African American history at George Washington University, apologized for her false identity.

During her career she took financial help that was supposed to help Black scholars.

Krug admitted that her career was rooted in a “toxic soil of lies”.

Krug was born and grew up as a white Jewish woman in Kansas City.

She said she had assumed various Black identities that she had no right to claim.

Krug also went by the name Jessica La Bombalera in activist circles and spoke at a New York City hearing on police brutality in June.

Author Robert Jones Junior who knew her said he felt betrayed and foolish.

Krug claimed in an article that she had mental health issues.

Her colleagues have called on her to resign or be fired from the university.


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