Bergville flying high with new dagga licence

By Linda Ximba

The Ukhahlamba Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal has successfully secured a licence to plant dagga in Bergville.

Local mayor Vikizitha Mlotshwa says the new business will create opportunities to combat unemployment among the youth.

He added that the semi-rural area in the north of the province also has a long and proud history with the plant.

Mlotshwa said that in 1956, there was a war between the Amangwane tribe and the apartheid police in Ingoba over the control of weed production in the area.

“We are excited to announce that finally the trading of weed will be official. We are comforted by the fact that at least our youth will benefit and be empowered. The youth will be taught how to grow and sell dagga,” said Mlotshwa.

He said besides Bergville being renowned as a tourist destination because of its Drakensberg mountains, its dry terrain and a perpetual supply of sunlight make it the ideal place to grow weed.


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