Bachelors can’t get enough of sexy cleaning maids

Mkhuseli Sizani

“Visionary” Refiloe Jawa fell pregnant at 16 and defied pressure to become a prostitute. 

Now, she is finding success with her sexy Slay Queen Cleaning Services.

Originally from Zwide Township in Port Elizabeth, she started her business last year in Johannesburg but it has grown faster than expected.

Refiloe, 26, told Scrolla.Africa: “When I fell pregnant at the age of 16 while doing my matric, I thought that it was the end of the world for me. 

“But my grandmother Dora Jawa, 78, encouraged me not to quit and she took care of my daughter. 

“I gave birth two weeks before my exams and I passed with a national diploma.”

Despite her academic triumph, Refiloe then faced added pressures: “I am a visionary. But it was not easy to achieve those dreams because men always asked for sexual favours and I could not trade my body.”

Covid opened doors for her.

“Covid is hygienic. 

Every household wants deep cleaning and fumigation. 

Then I decided to venture into the cleaning business in a sexy and stylish way. 

Being the only girl child in a family of eight, it always made me fight for my place. 

My business has grown very fast because my services are also available in Cape Town.”

Unsurprisingly, the Slay Queen Cleaning Services have a very specific customer base! 

Refiloe says, “It is 100% supported by men, especially the bachelors.

“We do all the domestic work, the client or the corporate industry wants. We do ironing, cooking, carpet scrub and fumigation.

“We wear short uniforms, make up, and wigs. But the beauty alone is not enough. You must be able to clean,” Relifoe said.

The business is not frequented by women but it is Refiloe’s aim to be empowering.

“Women don’t like our services because they feel intimidated by our presence.

“Our uniform is provoking but we don’t offer sex. My business name is eye-catching and makes everyone curious because it is always associated with bad things,” she said.

Refiloe said she was proud of her success.

“I recently renovated my grandmother’s four room house into nine rooms. This was my token of appreciation for instilling discipline and independence. But I want my company to empower more women especially in my poor hometown.”