Australian prime minister goes on radio to deny he sh*t his pants in McDonald’s in 1997

Arthur Greene

The prime minister of Australia went on national radio to deny the widespread rumour that he soiled himself at a McDonald’s in 1997.

On Thursday, Scott Morrison appeared as a guest on the popular Kyle and Jackie O radio show, and Morrison himself raised the rumour.

“Can I clear up one thing?” Morrison asked, steering the conversation towards the fabled incident.

“It is the biggest urban myth ever,” he said.

“The Macca’s thing?” Kyle asked. “Macca’s” is Australian slang for McDonald’s.

“That you pooed your pants at the Engadine McDonald’s?” Jackie added.

“It’s complete and utter rubbish. I found the whole thing incredibly amusing, and we’ve always joked about it amongst our team here as we’ve driven by it, asking ‘Do you want to pop in for a Big Mac?’,” Morrison then insisted.

The incident is rumoured to have taken place after a rugby match in the town of Engadine. It became a national joke in 2019, with one prankster even putting up a commemorative plaque outside the restaurant to mark the historic occasion.

It is unclear why Morrison allegedly lost control of his bowels. 

The most bizarre thing about the incident, however, is that he decided to raise it as a point of conversation on a radio show.

Some political commentators have speculated it was a way to divert attention away from Australia’s dismal Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

The country’s two largest cities are currently in lockdown, following a rapid rise in cases of the Delta variant.

Australia is currently among the world’s richest countries with the lowest vaccination rates, at just 9%.

The country was developing its own vaccine, which ended up giving people false positive results on HIV tests. There were also never enough Pfizer-BioTech jabs to go around.

So, Morrison may or may not have sh*t his pants in McDonald’s, but his government certainly sh*t the bed when it came to getting the country vaccinated.

Image source: @mel_giancarlo