Are these the worst school toilets in SA?

Sizwe Sibiya

Parents and learners at Ceza Primary School in Olundi, Chibini are shocked by the state of the lavatories which are “not even fit to be called pit toilets”.  

They say that the school, where classrooms are also collapsing, is nowhere near meeting the Covid-19 rules for hygiene and social distancing.

They are hoping that some of the Covid-19 relief funds announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa will go towards fixing the school buildings.

Number one target is some decent toilets.

Ceza Primary School has what must be some of the worst toilets in the country’s schooling system.

The pit toilets meant for teachers and learners have no doors, no toilet seats, no water and no form of hygiene of any kind.

“It is a disgrace and it’s degrading especially for teachers to be seen going into toilets that are nothing but holes. They are not even fit to be called pit toilets. They are worse than that,” said Ward 4 Councillor Manyomfana Masondo.

Masondo says the stinking pits have left the community and the school governing body outraged. He says the school starts from Grade R until Grade 7. “We have a problem of toilets that are not in proper condition. Our children will get sick. Even the classrooms are falling down because they are still the same rooms that were used by my grandmother when she went to that school decades ago.”

Masondo also said that they have forwarded their complaints more than once to the Department of Education in the Province, but still nothing has been done.

“Parents have been calling me telling me they don’t know what to do. They fear their children will get sick in that school,” said Masondo.

The Department of Education in KZN was contacted to make a statement regarding this matter, but they said they are still looking for answers.

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