Angelina Jolie filmed ducking for cover from Russian missiles

Dylan Bettencourt

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie was forced to run for cover when air-raid sirens sounded during her visit to the city of Lviv in Ukraine on Saturday.

Video footage emerged of the A-list actress being whisked away to safety by her entourage as the deafening sirens blasted throughout the city.

Jolie was seen running down steps as she sought cover. However, she still had time to wave at a fan and smile for a selfie as she ducked for cover.

A voice can be heard in the clip asking if she is safe, to which she replied: “I’m okay!”

Jolie has been on a visit to the region which is considered to be the safest in the eastern parts of the country. This is despite Lviv being the target of deadly missile strikes in April.

The purpose of the actress’s visit is said to be to meet displaced and orphaned children, a cause Jolie has held close to her heart for many years.


Jolie surprised fans on social media when she was spotted at a local coffee shop in the region.

A United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) spokesperson said that Jolie’s visit to Ukraine was made in her “personal capacity.”

The 46-year-old’s personal spokesperson said the visit was “to bear witness to the human impact of the conflict, and to support the civilian population.”

Jolie, the United Nations Special Envoy for Refugees, is a frequent visitor to conflict-torn regions. Last month she visited Yemen where millions of people have been displaced as a result of war.

Image source: @Insider

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