Alexandra hit by looting – in pictures

Looted pig

Everson Luhanga

Suspects were arrested on Tuesday. Two women were nabbed by the community policing forum and a volunteer group called “30 Strong Voices of Alex”.
The damaged entrance to a Pick n Pay. Last week it was one of the busiest shops in the township serving hundreds of people a day. This week it was looted and destroyed.
Face to face with the looters. Soldiers went door-to-door and found stolen items in various shacks.
A whole pig carcass, stolen from a butchery, was recovered, found under a bed.
Leaving no stone unturned. The army and the police found building materials hidden on rooftops of the looters’ shacks.
Heavy police presence at Alex’s Pan Africa Mall on Wednesday. Police, the army and other law enforcement agencies arrived at the mall to restore calm and order.
Alexandra mall resembles a warzone with shops burnt, wrecked and trashed.