Alcohol and drug abuse allegations threaten Zulu king’s coronation

Celani Sikhakhane

King Misuzulu kaZwelithini’s upcoming coronation is under threat after allegations of heavy alcohol and drug use surfaced.

The explosive allegations of substance abuse were made during the testimony of King Misuzulu’s uncle, Prince Mbonisi kaBusha, at the Pretoria High Court.

In his sworn affidavit, Prince Mbonisi testified that Misuzulu is not fit to rule over the Zulu kingdom because of his addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Prince Mbonisi is an outspoken royal rebel, and has fought to block King Misuzulu’s ascendancy.

Scrolla.Africa understands that the allegations against King Misuzulu have been known within royal circles for some time and many were aware of them before he was named as successor to the throne.

One senior member of the royal family even alleges that Misuzulu would not be the first monarch to indulge in illicit substances – and that the late King Zwelithini and even Prince Mbonisi are partial to them.


“Actually even the late king was known for his dagga habit. Many of the Zulu royal family members are also alcoholics, including Prince Mbonisi, so I really don’t know why they are trying to make this thing as a new thing in the family,” said the source, who wished to remain anonymous.

“At some point, some of King Misuzulu’s sisters accused his first wife Queen Ntokozo kaMayisela of getting him into drugs,” they added.

Prince Mbonisi and other so-called royal rebels are fighting for Prince Simakade kaZwelithini to take the throne because he was traditionally adopted by King Misuzulu’s mother, Queen Mantfombi.

Last week, King Misuzulu and his traditional prime minister, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, went ahead with the inspection of the kraal where the coronation ceremony will take place.

They also went ahead with the cleansing ceremony of the late King Zwelithini’s weapons on 26 June.

On 5 July, Prince Simakade and other royal family members had their own cleansing ceremony at the kwaKhethomthandayo Palace.

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