After spending a year in “God Mode”, Ason returns with “Dis Love”

Sizwe Sibiya

There is no better time to release a love song than in February, the month of Valentine’s Day. New kid on the block Ason Leaux has done just that and dropped his first single of the year “Dis Love” on Sunday.

The talented 24-year-old drew much attention from the music industry when he released the upbeat hip-hop song “God Mode” in 2020 with artist Reason, who is currently focusing on the amapiano genre under the moniker Sizwe Alakine.

Now Ason is back trying his luck with a different Afrobeat-influenced vibe in “Dis love”. He says it’s “a song about the strength that Africans are able to find in life” despite all the challenges that are engulfing the continent. The artist has set out to prove that love does not only bring together two people, but can also unite a whole continent.

“There is so much to cry about, but we always still believe that a better day is ahead, people work extremely hard, day-to-day to feed themselves and their families,” said Ason.

“Many people find their strength through faith in God and this song is about that exactly.”

The three-minute song was produced by Zimbabwean beatmaker GTP, who works with many talented artists in Mzansi.

Audio source: Supplied