“Africa will one day host Commonwealth Games”

Dylan Bettencourt

Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) regional vice-president Miriam Moyo remains positive that Africa will someday host the Commonwealth Games.

“Definitely, Africa will host these games one of these days,” she told BBC Sport Africa.

“South Africa attempted to host but things didn’t work out. That’s the number one sign to show that Africa would want to host. Maybe South Africa will come on board one day.”

Durban was named as host of the event in 2015 but by March 2017 it was clear they could not manage the event and because of financial reasons the city had to step down.

The 22nd edition of the event will now be hosted by England in Birmingham.

The games that were first held in 1930 features athletes from 72 countries, mostly former British colonies. In recent events, nations like Rwanda, Mozambique and Togo have featured despite having no links to the British empire.

Africa, with 21 members, has the highest number of member nations but has never hosted the games. Nigeria put in an unsuccessful bid to host the games in 2014 but the games eventually took place in Scotland.

South Africa has hosted major events such as the rugby and football World Cups but those were spread out across the country as opposed to one city.

The budget for this year’s games is set around R15.8 billion.

Only India has hosted the games outside of England or Australia with the state of Victoria set to host the games in 2026.

Moyo said not many African nations have the facilities to host the games.

“The expense will always be there. Ways of reducing the expenses are being discussed by the Commonwealth Games Federation,” she said.

“Questions that are under discussion are what will Africa present, what can the federation offer, what can be done for us to host these Games. I’m sure, Africa will definitely go for it.”

One of the possible solutions is for two African cities to host the games in a bid to spread costs and increase facilities.

Image source: @InsideTheGames


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