A zol for a jab!

Arthur Greene

Get high, stay Covid shy!

Licensed dagga retailers in the US are now offering people free zol when they get their Covid-19 vaccination.

The initiative, called “Joints for Jabs,” is designed to encourage people to get vaccinated.

Washington state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board announced on Monday that it will allow dagga retailers to offer one pre-rolled joint to each adult who gets a jab at an in-store clinic.

The state has also allowed similar initiatives which offer beer, wine and cocktails for getting the jab – so it’s clear to see what’s driving Americans!

The initiative, which some are calling “poke and toke,” doesn’t apply to some other forms of weed such as edibles like brownies.

Hungry stoners will instead have to get their jab in the state of Arizona, which is offering free edible cannabis gummy bears to people getting their jabs.

The “Joints for Jabs” initiative follows President Joe Biden’s advice for states to get creative to get people vaccinated.