Zuma party rejects evidence of electoral fraud

By Zukile Majova
Political Editor

Jacob Zuma’s Umkhonto Wesizwe party has rejected glaring evidence of electoral fraud, saying the people who forged signatures to register the party were not instructed to do so by the party.

The MK party said it was a victim of people whose political ambitions to get onto the party’s parliamentary list drove them to forge signatures.

An average MP in South Africa earns R1.14-million plus benefits, a job that requires no formal education or qualifications.

On Sunday, Mnet’s investigative journalism show, Carte Blanche, interviewed people in Cape Town who said representatives of the party conned them into signing forms endorsing the party.

Some were apparently told that descendants of the Khoisan people were to benefit from a fund, while others were promised maintenance jobs in Parliament.

Former MK party organiser in the Western Cape, Lennox Ntsodo, who has turned whistleblower and state witness, confessed to stealing job seekers’ forms from the City of Cape Town.

“I’m talking about them asking us to go to the database of the City of Cape Town to download job seekers’ forms and also rewrite the names and forge signatures of those people in the IEC forms.

“They could not reach the target of around 7 500 signatures to be on the ballot paper for province and national.

“So we had to forge the signatures on that form to submit to the IEC,” said Ntsodo.

He said over a two-week period he convinced 20 people to help him forge signatures and sent the forms to MK headquarters for submission to the IEC.

Sy Mamabolo, the IEC chief electoral officer, said the commission has no way at the moment to independently check the legitimacy of the signatures submitted by political parties.

“The IEC can only look at whether the person is alive, is a South African and is a registered voter.

“Those are the checks that the IEC is capable of making,” said Mamabolo.

But MK party spokesperson Nhlamulo Ndhlela rejected the whistleblower’s claims that he was instructed by the MK leadership to forge signatures.

“We are the victims here. 

“The person that ought to be disqualified, and this is what we need to investigate, is the saboteur.

“He was doing it for his own agenda and that’s why he wants to come out in public and say the MK party forged signatures when he is the one who forged the signatures,” said Ndhlela.

Pictured above: It was a bad day at the office for Jacob Zuma’s Umkhonto Wesizwe party.

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