Zuma gives ANC the middle finger

By Celani Sikhakhane

The South African National Civic Organisation has shown the ANC the middle finger by bringing back former President Jacob Zuma to lead its interim structure in KZN.

At a meeting on Tuesday afternoon, KZN Sanco was disbanded in line with instructions issued last month by ANC Secretary General Fikile Mbalula that it should be dissolved.

That call was interpreted as an attempt to dislodge Zuma’s political career by his enemies in the ANC.

However, during Tuesday’s Sanco meeting at the Coastland Hotel in Umhlanga, north of Durban, an interim structure was set up and Zuma was elected to lead it.

It was also noted that the structure is full of comrades who have been booted out of their ANC structures.

Deputy interim chairperson of Sanco in KZN Lawrence Dube said that it’s not true that ANC was targeting Zuma but they wanted Sanco to have a proper structure.


“Sanco had parallel structures which made it difficult for the ANC to communicate with us. They advised that we should disband Sanco and elect an interim body that will be the only one to communicate our programmes. 

“Zuma, myself and other comrades were elected fairly to lead the new interim structure,” said Dube.

He told Scrolla.Africa that Zuma has assured him that he won’t form a political party or join any organisation outside the ANC.

“He told me in confidence that he still loves the ANC and that he will work hard with us as Sanco to campaign for the ANC in KZN. You can tell that the man still loves the ANC deep down from his heart,” Dube said.

Scrolla.Africa reported weeks ago that some in the ANC wanted Sanco to be dissolved as they were angered by the election of Zuma in January to lead the organisation in KZN.

Some claim that he is being brought in to revive his political career and to fight his own battles through Sanco.

Some leaders of Sanco in Gauteng even said that they wouldn’t be surprised if KZN Sanco wants Zuma’s son Duduzane to lead them because they are turning the organisation into Zuma’s kingdom.

After a call to disband Sanco, KZN already had a plan to bring back Zuma to lead the interim structure which happened on Tuesday when the new structure was formed in Durban.

Meanwhile EFF leader Julius Malema last month told journalists that they were planning to welcome Zuma as their new foot soldier of the red beret.

Pictured above: New Sanco interim Structure that is led by former president Jacob Zuma in KZN.

Image source: Supplied

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