Zondo: Zuma should be CHARGED for helping “CORRUPT” Bosasa

Toby Shapshak

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has recommended that former president Jacob Zuma should be investigated for corruption in the third and final instalment of the Zondo commission, which was released on Tuesday.

The report concluded that there are “reasonable grounds to suspect” that Zuma breached his “obligations as President” to aid the corrupt company Bosasa.

It highlighted how Bosasa allegedly paid R300,000 a month to the Zuma Foundation and threw “lavish” parties for him – and how Zuma in turn helped prevent government departments from terminating Bosasa contracts.

Zuma “accepted gratification” from Bosasa, which “clearly provided inducements [aimed at] gaining influence over him”.

Zondo also recommended that Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe should also be investigated.

He said there was “reasonable suspicion” that the then ANC secretary general helped “influence the leadership” of government departments. Bosasa was “heavily invested in securing tenders from” these departments.


Zondo said there was “prima facie evidence” of corruption against former water and sanitation minister Nomvula Mokonyane.

He called her “dishonest” and said she “lied” about whether Bosasa’s chief operating officer (COO) Angelo Agrizzi attended a lavish 40th birthday party, which was paid for by Bosasa.

Mokonyane was given an expensive Aston Martin car at the Krugersdorp guest house where it was held.

“There is no way that she would not have seen Mr Agrizzi at the party, particularly because Mr Agrizzi was the COO of Bosasa which was paying for the party, that Mr Agrizzi was organising the party and because Mr Agrizzi is physically a large man – nobody would easily miss him in a room,” Zondo wrote.

The frank and explosive testimony from Agrizzi was an unexpected bombshell, as he revealed huge cash payments to ANC leaders and other lavish gifts.

Agrizzi and former ANC MP Vincent Smith are currently charged with corruption.

“Corruption was central to Bosasa’s business model. Everything came down to corruption,” Zondo wrote in his 942-page report.

Image source: @PresidencyZA

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