ZEROES 10: Covid’s aftershocks – job losses, depression, suicide, hunger and divorce

It’s all about the second wave now, which is crashing hard.

But behind the deaths and the health crisis, 2020 has been about the aftershocks of Covid.

The economic devastation first. Three million jobs were lost in the first two months of the pandemic alone, 2 million of those women. 

And then the mental health issues – suicides in the wake of job losses, depression and loneliness.

The shut schools.

The hunger for school children. Even before the lockdown, the Conversation reports that 2,5-million South African children experienced hunger. These numbers only got worse with the lockdown as workers lost their jobs and children no longer received free school meals. Some charities tried to help, giving lockdown love to hungry kids

And then there were the ruined marriages.

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