Zahara’s anger at being robbed by record label

Thembinkosi “TK” Nciza, Zahara’s former boss, has responded to a leaked audio recording of the late singer, Zahara, sharing her anger towards him and DJ Sbu. 

Zahara, who passed away in 2023, had a rough relationship with her former record label, TS Records.

Nciza, in his conversation with The Citizen, labelled the release of the audio as malicious, especially since Zahara is no longer alive. 

In the audio, Zahara is heard discussing the challenges in the entertainment industry and mentioning what DJ Sbu did. An unidentified male in the recording suggests DJ Sbu was robbing her, to which Zahara agrees.

Nciza pointed out that Zahara likely didn’t know she was being recorded and questioned the timing and intent behind releasing the audio now.

He said he was unwilling to speak about Zahara following her death, pointing out that he had addressed all the issues when she was alive. 

Despite past controversies, Nciza confirmed that he and Zahara were on speaking terms before her death.

After Zahara’s passing, DJ Sbu reflected on their relationship, seeing her as a younger sister and accepting public anger directed towards him, though he felt it was misplaced.

Pictured above: Zahara. 

Image source: X


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