Wealthy Dr Dracula feasts on own son’s blood

By Staff writer

In a desperate attempt to defy ageing, a 45-year-old multimillionaire injected himself with blood from his own son.

According to reports from Bloomberg, Bryan Johnson, a tech entrepreneur renowned for his exorbitant anti-ageing regimen, planned a family blood exchange like no other.

Bryan’s 17-year-old son, Talmage Johnson, had a whopping litre of his vital life force drained from his body, the equivalent of a fifth of his entire blood supply.

The plasma was then separated and reinfused into his father in a radical experiment to halt the ageing process.

Bryan himself contributed a litre of his own blood products to his 70-year-old father, Richard Johnson.

This isn’t the first time the tech tycoon has dabbled in crazy anti-ageing practices but it is the first time he has enlisted the help of his son, who isn’t even old enough to vote. 

Bryan Johnson rose to prominence as the founder of Braintree, a payment company that acquired Venmo before being sold to PayPal. 

Now, he’s notorious for burning through $2 million (R30 million) annually in his pursuit of the elusive fountain of youth.

Johnson’s latest endeavour, named “Project Blueprint”, is his all-consuming obsession with reversing the ageing process and involves a strict plan of dietary restrictions, tough exercise and sleep schedules, and frequent medical check-ups.

While certain rodent studies have suggested potential rejuvenating effects when older mice receive blood from their younger counterparts, such claims remain contentious, to say the least.

In humans, no evidence shows that such transfusions work, and experts have warned of potentially perilous side effects, including severe immune reactions.

Pictured above: Bryan Johnson and his son

Image source: Twitter


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