US gogos revel in glory!

By Nkhensani Mthombeni

The Grannies International Football Tournament (GIFT) final was a nail-biting affair as the Breakers took on Lespressa in Limpopo yesterday. 

It was an all-American final as both teams battled it out for the coveted trophy.

The Breakers team, led by the experienced Cathy Kelly (61), managed to come out on top with a last-minute stunner to win the game 1-0. 

Kelly’s goal in the first half was enough to seal the win, but the Breakers’ speed and agility made it difficult for their rivals to score an equaliser.

The four-day event, which took place at Nkowankowa Stadium in Limpopo, was a great success with local fans coming in great numbers to cheer on the Gogos. Heather Mulliner from the US was named the Player of the Tournament, Nomsa Mashego from Mbombela Gogos won the Golden boot award, and Rita Wilkie was given an award for being the oldest player in the games.

The Breakers gave the winning trophy to Beka Ntsanwisi, who is the founder of GIFT. “We believe that the trophy must not leave SA, and it should not leave Limpopo in honor of Mama Beka, who united women from all over the world through football,” the team said.


GIFT is an event where women aged 50 and above participate. Teams from Zambia, France, Mozambique, four American teams, and seven South African teams were part of the games. 

The foreign players said they enjoyed the township life, local culture, music, and even bought Xitsonga fabrics just to show their love for the country.

Team USA told Scrolla.Africa that they will go to the Kruger National Park before heading back home. 

The Breakers, on the other hand, will celebrate their hard-fought triumph with a victory parade in Limpopo. What a game, what a tournament!

Pictured above: Team Breakers sit with Mama Beka Ntsanwisi during the trophy ceremony

Image source: Nkhensani Mthombeni

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