Torrential rain leaves trail of destruction 

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By Doreen Mokgolo

Villagers in Moretele, North West are scrambling to rebuild their houses after they were damaged by three days of torrential rain.

Clinics, schools, roads and bridges were damaged, preventing access and resulting in the suspension of essential services to the area. 

Residents in Kroomkruil, Mmotla, Mathibestad and Maubane were trapped in their houses and yards because of the flooding.

A resident of Mmotla, Ditebogo Malete, told Scrolla.Africa that on Monday night she gave up trying to sweep out the water flooding her house. 

“It was as if my house was built inside a river, there was nothing I could do to stop the water. It was coming in through the doors, floor and roof.

“I was forced into one room with my children, praying that we didn’t drown, and to survive the night,” she said.

Another resident, Rodney Mosotho, blamed the municipality for failing to build water channels to redirect water during such heavy downpours.

“We are here because our government failed us. Without proper channels, water floods our homes, putting the lives of our people at risk. 

“Over the years we were promised services but nothing has come of it. Even next year we will have the same problem of flooding and nothing will have been done to avoid it,” said Mosotho. 

“We have accepted that we are on our own. Other villages have gone as far as building their own bridges and water connections.”

Moretele municipal spokesperson Mothupi Malebye said the cost of the destruction left behind by the storms is yet to be determined but is believed to be thousands of rands.

“We ask residents to avoid crossing flooded waterways; low-water bridges must be avoided at all cost. The municipality’s disaster team is on standby to respond to emergencies,” he said.

Malebye urged those in a position to assist those affected to lend a helping hand. 

Pictured above: Damage caused by the heavy rain in Moretele.

Image source: Supplied 


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