The legacy of the surfing goat lives on!

Arthur Greene

In November, Scrolla.Africa showed you a goat that wanders around on his hindlegs. Now, allow us to present to you: the surfing goat.

California surfer Dana McGregor brought in an old nanny goat to take care of the poison ivy in his back garden.

But little did he know that Goatee would one day lead a dynasty of surfing goats.

Goatee became McGregor’s beloved pet and often went with him to the beach when he went surfing.

One day, MGregor and fellow surfer Ryan Valliere decided to put Goatee on a surfboard.

“She had really good balance,” Valliere recalled to the Los Angeles Daily News.

“We were like, let’s push her into the waves.”

Ten years later and Goatee’s son Pismo, 7, spends his days teaching children how to surf on Pismo Beach.

Goatee has since passed away but she has left a truly unique legacy. McGregor now runs Surfing Goats, which offers surfing lessons with Pismo and his younger sister, Grover.

The duo offers the Surfing Goat surf lesson or hiking packages that comes with a freshly squeezed shot of goat’s milk.

And Surfing Goats don’t discriminate against other species. Punters are encouraged to bring their pets for a lesson. Dogs, donkeys and pigs have been taken out on the waves with Pismo.

When Pismo isn’t teaching, he can still be spotted catching Pismo beach’s gnarliest waves.

“He’s taken some big waves. He got a huge wave, Dana fell off the wave and Pismo stayed on it,” Valliere said. “We only surf Pismo when it’s big. He only likes big waves.”

Picture source: @MissedTheArk

Video source: Youtube

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