Tembisa man left to face angry mob after police flee scene

Everson Luhanga

One person has died while two others remain in intensive care in hospital, after being attacked by a mob of angry Tembisa residents who suspected them of stealing a phone.

The incident took place on Wednesday when the three men allegedly robbed a schoolgirl, who then screamed for help.

“Her screams alerted the community members who chased their car on foot,” a community member told Scrolla.Africa.

He said the driver lost control and bumped into another car where the three were cornered. The angry mob began attacking them.

“Police arrived and two of the suspects escaped into the police van,” recounted the community member.

The mob began pelting the van with stones and bricks, leaving the officers with no choice but to escape and leave one of the suspects behind.


The two men who got away were rushed to hospital where they are still receiving treatment in the ICU.

Tembisa Rabasotho police officers returned to rescue the third man but were again hurled with missiles and had to retreat.

After inflicting a severe beating on the remaining suspect, the mob went on to burn the gang’s car.

Paramedics were called to collect him once the mob had cleared and rushed him to Tembisa Hospital, where he later died of his injuries.

Tembisa police spokeswoman Constable Patricia Mgijima confirmed the incident.

She said that the objects thrown at the officers at the scene posed a significant danger to them, forcing them to drive to safety.

Police are investigating cases of murder and grievous bodily harm.

“Police encourage residents to report cases to the authorities and discourage any form of violence or vigilantism,” said Mgijima.