Skier caught up in bone-chilling saga!

By Razeen Gutta

On the frosty slopes of Finland, Swedish cross-country skier Calle Halfvarsson found himself in an icy predicament during a 20-kilometer race: his private parts froze!

These harsh conditions have tormented male athletes in the region before. Their skimpy suits and thin undergarments offer little protection against the relentless winter chill.

Halfvarsson, a seasoned 34-year-old skier, experienced an ordeal like no other. By the time he crossed the finish line in 18th place, he had lost all sensation in his private regions. Desperate to thaw out, he darted to nearby tents where fellow athletes huddled for warmth.

“I had frozen my penis for real, I had to lie in there for 10 minutes to warm it up. It hurts so damn much. It’s terrible,” he told Swedish newspaper Expressen.

“No, I cannot describe the sensation. Those who know, they know. But here’s a tip from me, stay away from it, because it is the worst thing you can experience.”

“It’s lucky my second child is on the way because it’s going to be difficult in the future if I continue like this,” he added, seeing the funny side of the situation. 

Pictured above: Calle Halfvarsson.

Image source: @otakar_brabec


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