Senzo-accused warned cops about his ‘expensive’ pants

In the ongoing Senzo Meyiwa murder trial, Sergeant Bathobakae Mogola, a member of the police’s Cold Case Investigation Unit, provided details on the arrest of Muzikawukhulelwa Sibiya, one of the five accused in the case. 

The testimony was part of a trial-within-a-trial at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on Monday, focusing on whether confessions made by two of the accused, including Sibiya, were taken under duress.

Mogola recounted the events leading up to Sibiya’s arrest in May 2020. Along with Sergeants Sadiki and Buthelezi, Mogola acted on a tip-off and located Sibiya in Thembisa. 

She stated that upon their arrival and identification of Sibiya, she read him his legal rights as per protocol.

Sibiya, who reportedly cooperated with the officers, voiced some concern over his expensive Brentwood pants and asked that they didn’t make him lie on the ground. 

He later changed into jeans and Carvela shoes before leaving his shack, where the officers conducted a search. 

During this search, ammunition, a magazine, and a cleaning rod were found. Sibiya acknowledged ownership of these items and attributed the gun to a friend from Vusimuzi Hostel in Thembisa.


The items were then securely bagged and sealed in Sibiya’s presence, after which he was taken into custody. 

The trial continues. 

Pictured above: The Senzo-accused. 

Image source: File

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