Roads Beware: Driver passes exam on 960th shot!

Getting a driver’s licence is no easy task and for one South Korean woman, it cost her R250,000.

This was not a bribe or as South Africans call it “cold-drink” money – it was the cost of taking her driving exam 960 times. 

It was an incredibly long journey for Cha Sa-Soon that began in April of 2005 when the woman attempted to get her licence for the first time. 

At the time, she was very determined. She attempted – and failed – every day, five days a week for three years straight, to pass the written test. 

That is 780 attempts!

She then adopted a different strategy and took the test twice a week. When she finally passed she was able to move on to the practical test. 

The 69-year-old was clearly much better at practical work, only taking 10 attempts to pass, The Mirror reported. 


Cha Sa-Soon refused to give up because she needed a driving licence for her business selling vegetables. 

Her driving instructor at Jeonbuk Driving School said he felt relieved when Cha Sa-soon finally got the licence. 

“We were so happy for her! We all went out cheering and hugged her, giving her flowers,” he said. 

“It felt like a huge burden falling off our backs. We didn’t have the guts to tell her to quit because she kept showing up.”

The 960 attempts paid off as Cha became a celebrity in South Korea, starring in a Hyundai advert where she was gifted a brand new car. 

Her journey resurfaced on social media platforms this week despite happening 15 years ago. Better late than never as Cha would say. 

Compiled by Dylan Bettencourt

Pictured above: Cha Sa with her gifted car 

Image source: Reddit

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