Rapper Tshego shows off Illuminati tattoo

South African rapper Tshego has people talking about his latest body art. 

A video shared on his Instagram displaying his new tattoos has drawn attention, but one symbol is capturing the spotlight and creating controversy among his followers.

Among Tshego’s various tattoos, the most talked-about is the Illuminati symbol known as the Eye of Providence.

This emblem, showing an eye circled in a triangle and surrounded by rays of light, is often associated with the concept of an all-seeing eye.

The appearance of this symbol on Tshego’s body has led many of his followers to speculate about his possible association with the Illuminati.

This society is often linked with the idea of members reaching stardom through higher powers or intelligence.

The rapper’s fans and followers have shared various reactions in the comment section. 

While some are curious about the meaning behind the tattoo, others have shared their discomfort, finding the symbol “disgusting” or speaking about their shock at the apparent connection with the secret organisation. 

Questions also came up about how Tshego’s family, particularly his daughter, understood these tattoos.

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Pictured above: Tshego’s new tattoo. 

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