Everson Luhanga

A group of thugs has been terrorising different communities in Tembisa.

On Friday night, upwards of 17 households in Winnie Mandela zones four, six, eight and nine came under attack when a group of four armed men stormed their houses.

Four people, including a pregnant woman, are said to be recovering in hospital and dozens were injured and treated at different local medical facilities for minor injuries.

Kholofelo Makena said a bullet flew through her window and hit her bed while she and her husband were sleeping. 

The 41-year-old woman said she heard gunshots and banging on her neighbours’ doors. “About 10 shots were fired and I knew we were under attack. 

“My husband and I quickly jumped out of bed to make sure our children were safe. That’s when we saw a bullet landing on our bed,” she said.

She said when one of her neighbours came to rescue them, he was shot in the leg.

“A heavily pregnant woman was also shot in the thigh when the thugs broke into her room,” she said.

Makena said police were called to take a statement. “While the cops were with us, more bullets were heard on the other side of the kasi.”

She said when she went to the hospital with a pregnant woman who was shot, she met over 10 people who had also come to the hospital to get treated after being injured in similar robberies.

“It was a traumatic scene. It sounded like we were living in a war zone the way we heard the firearms going off. 

She said the suspects were demanding TV sets, cell phones and money once they got into the room.

Harold Mashabela was another victim from another section. 

He said he was beaten up with a firearm. “I had already slept when thugs pushed open my door. They demanded money and other valuables.” 

He said they took the only set of his neighbours’ bakkie and left with them. 

Harold said the thugs were ruthless and hungry. They even took some food and booze from my neighbour who runs a tavern,” he said.

Police spokesperson Constable Patricia Mgijima said one case of house robbery was registered at the police station. Police are urging others to come forward if they were also robbed on the night.