Race for Zulu royal prime minister gets underway

Sihle Mkhize

As King Misuzulu kaZwelithini’s coronation draws nearer, rifts in the Zulu royal households are surfacing as members scramble to put themselves in prime position for important roles in the kingdom.

The coronation date is yet to be decided after it was postponed in the wake of the devastating floods which swept KwaZulu-Natal last month.

Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi and Prince Africa Zulu from the Okweni household are embroiled in a heated war of words over the next Zulu royal prime minister.

Prince Africa accused Buthelezi of positioning his son Prince Ntuthuko Zuzifa Buthelezi to succeed him as the Zulu royal prime minister.

“The crux here,” said Prince Africa, “is that Prince Mangosuthu is positioning his son as the nation’s next prime minister and such business should rest with the king as the monarch.

“If he succeeds, this will ensure that he remains the centrum so he can rule Zulu nation from beyond the grave.”

Scrolla.Africa understands that among other factors that led to this battle was an official appointment of Prince Africa Zulu as the king’s personal spokesperson.

According to an insider, Prince Mangosuthu publicly defended the king’s liaison officer, Prince Thulani Zulu, while allegedly and indiscreetly waging war against Prince Africa at a coronation meeting held recently at the KZN Legislature.

“It has become evident that no contribution whatsoever was expected or required of me at the coronation meetings. Prince Buthelezi seemed determined to fight me by continuing to dispute my appointment by the king,” Prince Africa revealed.

He added that every meeting was well rehearsed in private by Buthelezi and his associates.

Prince Buthelezi rubbished the claims, claiming that Prince Africa was never appointed as the king’s spokesperson.

“Last month, Prince Africa unceremoniously walked out on a meeting of the royal family with the coronation committee when a question was raised about his using the title of spokesperson to the king.

“The king had told me in the presence of a number of other royal family members that he had not appointed Prince Africa to such a position. Even as I spoke, the king was sitting right next to me, and he nodded,” Buthelezi said.