Price of affordable private healthcare set to be slashed

Arthur Greene

Private healthcare is set to be made available to South Africans for a fraction of its current price.

Discovery Ltd, the country’s largest provider of medical aid, will offer primary care for R350 a month, a third of the cost of the cheapest option which is currently available at over R1,000 per month.

Customers will have access to emergency procedures, specialist doctors and treatment for chronic illnesses including HIV.

“We have to try to make healthcare affordable and to more people,” Discovery CEO Adrian Gore told the Sunday Times.

As many as 8 million South Africans want to make the switch to private healthcare, according to the publication.

If these people were to switch to private healthcare because of its affordable price, this would be expected to ease pressure on the country’s public healthcare system.

There is currently a shortage of doctors working in the public sector, which is used by over 72% of the population. There will be more doctors available to those who need them if there are fewer people using public health services.

Image source: @Discovery_SA