Prayers and politics at the University of KZN

By Celani Sikhakhane

The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) is bringing back prayer sessions to fight alcohol abuse.

On Saturday the ANC-aligned student movement Sasco won the UKZN elections, ending the power of the EFF Student Command at all five campuses of the university.

Student Representative Council (SRC) president Nduduzo Zulu told Scrolla.Africa on Monday that many students are emotionally damaged due to family issues or financial struggles which have led them to alcohol abuse.

He said that when the EFF Student Command stopped prayer session, many students were unable to receive spiritual counselling while some resorted to alcohol abuse.

“As we just took over power, we are bringing back prayer sessions to assist students to be prepared spiritually for their exams while getting counselling at the same time,” said Zulu.

Sasco’s victory has also brought joy and political hope to the ANC in KZN as the party described it as a trend and will intensify its 2024 general election campaign in the province.

On Monday Sasco leaders held a “funeral” session for the EFF Student Command at Howard College.

The EFFSC had been defeating Sasco in many institutions of higher learning in the province. Sasco leaders complained that ANC leaders in the province were failing to support their campaigns.

Zulu said this time the ANC leaders came in numbers to campaign and even did a door-to-door campaign with them in student residences.

Pictured above: SRC president Nduduzo Zulu.

Image source: Supplied


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