Limpopo family gets the perfect Christmas gift 

By Everson Luhanga

The greatest hits of 2023: Scrolla.Africa is looking back at some of the best and most important stories of the year.

A family of 20 who once shared a one-roomed home in Witten Village in Bochum, Limpopo, will soon have a house. A new toilet has already been built and the journey towards a new house has begun.

This comes after Scrolla.Africa published the first story on 6 October this year — and several people came forward to pledge their help for the family that has lived in abject poverty for years.

That month, the community built the family a new toilet. 

Thete Makwaeba, who lived in the one-roomed house with her three daughters and a son, said it was a relief and so heartwarming that the community came together to help build the toilet for them.

“Soon after that, more people came forward to start building the house,” she said.

Local business owners in the construction industry worked closely with her neighbours, the headman in the area, and other well-wishers to make her dream come true.

“I am very happy. It is the most precious Christmas gift I could receive from the people in my area. I can’t thank them enough,” she said with a smile.

Daniel Maphola, the family’s neighbour, said since Scrolla.Africa‘s first article about the family there have been calls from many people wanting to help.

He said some political leaders in the community read the story and joined in. Economic Freedom Fighters councillor Tjana Mochekwa Isaiah from the Blouberg Municipality said they felt guilty that one of the families in the area lived in such poverty.

“We decided to help, together with business people, to build a house for the Makwaeba family. We brought in materials and we’ll build a three-room house for them,” he said.

Maphola said although the journey to see the Makweaba family owning their first proper house is underway, there are still some financial challenges. “Most of the donors bring materials and equipment.

“But there are some other materials that need to be bought. At the moment, we need about R5,000 to complete the first phase of the construction,” he said.

France Maluleke, the owner of Maluleke Sands and Construction, said he is happy to be part of the life-changing experience for the family.

Pictured above: Construction is underway on the Makwaeba family’s new home (left). The family of 20 used to share a one-roomed home.

Image source: Supplied


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