Everson Luhanga

The leader of the anti-immigrant movement Operation Dudula, Nhlanhla Lux Dlamini, was arrested by police on Thursday evening.

Scrolla.Africa spoke to one of the leading members of Operation Dudula who exclusively confirmed Dlamini’s arrest.

The source said a convoy of police cars took him to the Johannesburg Central Police Station where he was detained.

Nhlanhla’s legal team was said to be on its way to the Johannesburg police station soon after his arrest.

Dlamini was arrested shortly after being interviewed by Kaya FM on Thursday afternoon.

His arrest comes just a day after EFF gave the South African Police Service an ultimatum of seven days to arrest him, threatening to do it themselves if they failed to.

On Wednesday, the EFF national leadership accompanied a 69-year-old Soweto resident, Victor Ramerafe, to open a case against Dlamini at the Dobsonville police station in Soweto.

Ramerafe accused Dlamini of leading a group who broke into his home on Sunday 20 March and assaulted and intimidated the elderly resident.

Dlamini said he conducted the illegal raid on Ramerafe’s house because Operation Dudula suspected that he was a drug dealer.

Speaking to the media on Thursday outside the Dobsonville police station, EFF national spokesman Sinawo Tambo accused police of being the bodyguards of Operation Dudula as they accompanied the movement when they conducted their raids and on their marches.

Chants and struggle songs rang for hours outside the police station, while the police separated the two groups.

Police have yet to confirm whether Dlamini was arrested in connection with the cases opened by Victor on Wednesday.

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Image source: Everson Luhanga