Pitso raises alarm on SA’s youth player crisis

Pitso Mosimane, former coach of Mamelodi Sundowns and Al Ahly, has raised concerns about the current state of South African football and especially the development of young talent. 

Speaking with the South African Football Journalists’ Association, Mosimane compared South Africa’s approach to the successful models used in countries like Morocco.

Mosimane stressed the importance of investing in youth development programmes, stating that such investments should be strategic and well-planned. 

He highlighted his involvement in youth development through the Pitso Mosimane Soccer Schools and the challenges of sustaining such initiatives.

Using the Fifa U-17 World Cup, Mosimane pointed out the difference in the quality of young players between South Africa and other nations, such as Mali and Argentina. 

He questioned the absence of a comparable South African team and a coherent recruitment and training structure.

Mosimane praised Morocco’s investment in football, including the construction of the Mohammed VI Football Complex and the strategic restructuring led by the Fédération Royale Marocaine de Football. 

He urged South Africa to take inspiration from Morocco’s approach.

Accepting South Africa’s financial constraints, Mosimane suggested that while the country might not be able to replicate Morocco’s level of investment, it can still make meaningful strides by providing basic but essential resources for youth football development.

Drawing from his experience as a parent, Mosimane shared insights into his son’s football training, mentioning the misdirection in the coaching and training methods he saw.

He stressed the need for a well-structured and age-appropriate development curriculum, comparing current programmes to offering grade 3 level training for grade 1 students, which leads to a misalignment in learning and skills development.

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Pictured above: Pitso Mosimane. 

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